Our family is a proud member of Crossfit Elevate. Been working with Luke and his coaching team for years. We enjoy their great coaching, atmosphere and working out with everyone at Elevate.
Samuel C.
Fulshear, Tx
I absolutely love the culture and community at Elevate! It's a constantly positive and rewarding experience to push myself, and see improvement. Luke's coaching is top notch, and the 5am class is always killing it, despite the time.
Brad E.
Katy, TX
Elevate has become second home to me and the people there have become my family. The family friendly environment has pushed me further than I thought was possible and I'm thankful to be a part of it.
Juliann P.
Katy, TX
I have been training for triathlons for a couple of years now and have had a hard time fitting in weights, even though I needed it. I came to bootcamp and I enjoyed the smaller gym vibe. Elevate has become a lifeline to me.
Katie A.
Katy, TX.
My health and sanity depend on maintaining physical fitness. For the last three years I have relied on Crossfit Elevate as a guide to staying on track with sleep, nutrition, and training. Through that time, I have accomplished personal strength goals and improved my
Kara M.
Katy, TX.
CrossFit Elevate has the most motivating and amazing coaching staff along with a great community. This is the best and most welcoming gym I have ever been to.
Jessica H.
Katy, TX
I love Elevate, the facility, the coaching, the programming, and most importantly the people. Great groups that encourage and support at the same time. 5am is where it’s at though!
Chris A.
Fulshear, TX.
When I first came to Elevate several years ago, it was solely to mix up my workouts and shed some post-pregnancy pounds, and that’s exactly what happened through some stellar programming and coaching. But what keeps me coming back isn’t just the workouts, it’s also the people.
Rachael C.
Katy, TX