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Elevate 6-week ‘Just Start’ Challenge is here

October 5th – November 14th


Have a friend, family, or loved one? In need of a 6-week challenge? Look no further! ELEVATE’s 6-week ‘Just Start’ Challenge is HERE!

The rules are simple:

This is a partner challenge, therefore, in order to participate, our members must bring someone that is not a member!

  • 1 nonmember + 1 member.
  • One payment submitted for each group.
How do I get signed up?

Grab a friend OUTSIDE of Elevate to join in on the fun! The last day of registration is October 1.

How much does it cost to sign up?

$50 PER team. 

Please submit one payment per team

The Prize

Winners of the Challenge will receive one free month of Elevate!! That is a $360 value!



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